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    Ishikawa Hiroshi

  • Institute


  • Department

    Quality and Safety Dept

  • Position

    Technical Advisor

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  • Education

    Graduated Tohoku University Electrical Engineering, 1972



    Toshiba Cooperation (Medical Systems Div.), 1972-2011July

    GHTF SG2 WG member, 1998-2011 July

    GHTF SC member, 2004-2011 July 

    APEC LSIF RHSC committee member, 2008-2011 July

    AHC Advisory Board member ( or till 2011), 2009-2012

    GMDN Agency PAG committee member, 2009-

    GHTF amd IMDRF UDI WG member, 2009-2013 

    PMDA Div. of Office of Review Management, Consultation Grp., 2011 Aug 

    PMDA Div. of Standards for Medical Devices, 2015 March

    IMDRF AE terminology WG Chair, 2015 April-

    IMDRF Standards WG member, 2016-2019

    IMDRF UDI implementation WG member, 2017-2019

    IMDRF GRRP WG member, 2018-

    Technical Advisor PMDA, 2019-