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Naoki Morooka ┃ JIRA



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    Naoki Morooka

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    Regulatory and Safety Division

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    Vice-Division Manager

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  • Mr. Naoki Morooka is working in SHIMADZU CORPRATION as Senior Manager for RA, QMS and Product Safety.
    He is working in SHIMADZU CORPRATION more than 30 years as the expert of RA, QMS and Product Safety.

    He was GHTF(Global Harmonization Task Force) Study Gruop1 member as the representative of Japanese Industries (2002-2012).
    And then, he is contributing in IMDRF(International Medical Device Regulators Forum) as the representative of DITTA.
    DITTA is global trade association for Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy and IT, and DITTA is recognized global trade association by IMDRF.
    JIRA is founding member association of DITTA, he is also Board of Directors of DITTA as the representative of JIRA.