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Application of risk management for medical devices (ISO 14971: 2019) ( view)

Jos Van Vroonhoven ┃ Philips



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    Jos Van Vroonhoven

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    Global Regulations & Standards

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    Senior Manager Standardization

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  • Jos van Vroonhoven has a 30-year career with Philips in The Netherlands, of which 15 years in Research and Development and 15 years in Healthcare. He is chair of the Netherlands National Committee for IEC TC 62, Electrical equipment in medical practice, and voting member in the National Committee for ISO TC 210, Quality management and corresponding general aspects for medical devices. Jos contributed to several ISO/IEC working groups to develop safety standards for medical equipment. Since 2016 he is convener of the Joint Working Group on the application of risk management to medical devices, revising ISO 14971 and ISO/TR 24971. He further contributed to ISO/IEC Guide 63 with guidance for standards writers on the inclusion of safety aspects in international standards for medical devices. Jos received the IEC 1906 Award, the ISO Excellence Award, and the SES Career Standards (CStd) certification. He published several articles on medical device risk management.