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Case serial: SCH-2022-01-004
Title: Intermittent pneumatic compression device system & leg sleeve

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Patient Condition

  • A 86-year-old male patient had an orthopedic surgery for femur fracture.
  • The patient tried to apply the intermittent pneumatic compression device system to prevent deep vein thrombosis.


  • The nurse found air leaks at the tubing line (connects leg sleeve and tubing pocket). Refer to Figure (a).

Post-event management & Health effect

  • The patient applied a new leg sleeve.
  • No significant health complications occurred.

Investigations (Cause, Improvements)

  • Interview of patient carer
  • Patients put the leg sleeve on or off repeatedly for their convenience in wards.
  • During that process, the patient pulled off the leg sleeve repeatedly from the tubing pocket, without holding the tubing pocket, which resulted in a tear in the tube which connects the tubing pocket to the leg sleeve.
  • Added a transparent cap on the tubing pocket, which the buttons on each side of the pocket need to be pressed for the leg sleeve to be disconnected.
  • This prevents patients from pulling off the leg sleeve without holding the tubing pocket. Refer to Figure (b).

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