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IVD Medical Device Classification Tool

Soe Ye Yint Tun ┃

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    Soe Ye Yint Tun

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    Republic of Korea

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  • As a medical doctor and a health informatics, Dr. Soe has worked in different working environments of healthcare and IT, and experienced in developing and building systems using IT as a tool. He is also involved in different research projects in the field of health informatics and digital health. Before coming to Korea, Dr. Soe worked as a public health officer in the eHealth section, department of public health, the Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar from 2016 to 2020.


    2020 - Master of Health Informatics, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

    2015 - M.B.,B.S., University of Medicine Magway, Myanmar

    Tun, S. Y. Y., Madanian, S., & Parry, D. (2020). Clinical Perspective on Internet of Things Applications for Care of the Elderly. Electronics, 9(11), 1925.
    Tun, S. Y. Y., Madanian, S., & Mirza, F. (2020). Internet of
    hings (IoT) applications for elderly care: A reflective review. Aging Clin Exp Res.
    Tun, S. Y. Y. (2019, August). Internet of Things/IoT applications in Elderly Health Care. Paper presented at the Auckland University of Technology Postgraduate Research Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand.