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Best practice for clinical evaluation, practical scientific approach for data generated through a literature review of IMDRF N56

You Kyoung Lee ┃ Soonchunhyang University

About the Speaker

  • Name

    You Kyoung Lee

  • Institute

    Soonchunhyang University

  • Department

    APEC Medical Device CoE

  • Position

    Director and Professor

  • Economy

    Republic of Korea

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  • A brief history


  • Dr. Lee is currently working at Soonchunhyang University Hospital as a clinical pathologist and professor. She has over 25 years of experience in the clinical laboratory, including a 15-year director position. Her main interests are Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) and Quality Medicine. In this aspect, she published articles and book chapters relating to a pragmatic evidence synthesis between quality and downstream effects in the laboratory or clinical practices.
    She extends her research field to the medical device vigilance (MDV) from 2013. Now she carries her role as a director of the APEC Regulatory Training Center of Excellence Soonchunhyang University. She is one of the active researchers of the MDV field in Korea.
    She now actively contributes as an expert for interdisciplinary cooperation between professional medical societies and engineering societies as a Board Member of the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences (KAMS) and the Member of Regulatory Innovation Committee under the Prime Minister's Office of Korea.